"Exhibiting Projects in Kuwait, Dubai and the GCCs, Al-Mazaya Holdings Successfully Concluded its Participation at CITYSCAPE-Kuwait"

"Al-Mazaya Holdings received a group of significant offers for "Queue Point" Project"

"Al-Saqa'bi: Our three main objectives from participating in the exhibition are: to support the real-estate sector, to establish the solid institutional identity of Mazaya and to bond with Kuwaiti customers"

• CNBC Arabia channel dedicated wide coverage to the event and was evidently present in the exhibition.
• Mazaya announced generous offers for its "Queue Point" project during the exhibition starting from KD 49 thousand.
• Mazaya introduced its "Mazaya Logistics" project to lease stores in Bahrain.
• Mazaya introduced both completed as well as the under-construction projects in Kuwait, Dubai and the GCCs.
• Mazaya received offers from Saudi and Turkish investors to establish strategic joint-ventures.
• Mazaya concluded many sales at its unique accommodation Queue Point Project.
Yesterday, Al-Mazaya Holdings Concluded its participation at CITYSCAPE-Kuwait, the biggest investment and real-estate development event held under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. The exhibition was held at the Kuwait International Fair Ground, Musharraf with more than 65 local, regional and world participant companies.

Dr. Abdul Muhsin Al-Mude'j, Deputy to the Prime Minster, Minster of Commerce and Industry who inaugurated the CITYSCAPE-Kuwait Exhibition last Sunday, visited Al-Mazaya Holdings booth and received a brief on its current projects and latest achievements and services offered. Mr. Rashid Al-Nafisi, Chairman of the Board of Al-Mazaya received H. E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry along with Eng. Ibrahim Al-Saqa'bi, CEO of Al-Mazaya Group. The executive management and Al-Mazaya staff participating in the exhibition also attended the reception.

Following the official inauguration of the exhibition, Mr. Rashid Al-Nafisi, Chairman of the Board provided a briefing for H.E. the Minster in the company booth informing him of the company-projects profile and the strategic locations and expansion of its projects in Kuwait, the GCCs and Middle-East. H.E. the Minster of Commerce and Industry gave credit to the significant role Al-Mazaya Holdings takes in real-estate development and being a leading Kuwaiti company. H.E. the Minster of Commerce and Industry further praised Al-Mazaya booth which caught the eyes of the participants and visitors with its unique design being the biggest and the most strategic one in the exhibition.

Al-Nafisi also praised CNBC Arabia on providing media coverage of the exhibition and especially to the Al-Mazaya booth. As part of this special coverage, CNBC had an interview with the Chairman and the CEO of Al-Mazaya Group. Al-Nafisi gave special credit to Mrs. Najwa Asran, the Director of CNBC for her presence during this special media coverage which was in great part dedicated to Al-Mazaya and more over for the live talk CNBC held with Eng. Ibrahim Al-Saqa'bi, CEO of Al-Mazaya Group on the projects, the performance of the company and its financial data.

Eng. Ibrahim Al-Saqa'bi in turn stressed the three main objectives Al-Mazaya seeks to attain from participating in CITYSCAPE Exhibition which are: first, to provide support to the Kuwaiti real-estate sector activities and events being presented in real-estate exhibitions and campaigns which contributes to enhancing the cooperation between public-private sectors and potential investors. Such events also add to the strategic relationships and economic cycle in Kuwait.

The Second goal is to establish the solid institutional identity and trade mark of Mazaya as a leading company in real-estate development – this is already evident from the multiple projects Mazaya has constructed in several geographic locations and countries of the region, most recently in the Turkish market.

Al-Saqa'bi said: "The third objective for Al-Mazaya is to directly communicate with the audience and to bond with Kuwaiti clients resting on the solid faith in the demand the Kuwaiti investors have for real-estate products inside and outside Kuwait. To serve this purpose, Mazaya chose to offer customers a closer look regarding their projects at this booth so they didn’t have to travel to see their ideas. Doing so, a current and future relationship is deeply rooted between Mazaya and its customers so they can be continuously aware of its varied products and offers.

As for the media campaign simultaneously taking place with the exhibition, Al-Saqa'bi said: "Mazaya has well prepared a huge campaign to promote its "Queue Point" accommodation project releasing several ads in newspapers, magazines, radio, social media and on-line marketing websites in addition to the promotion held in Kuwait International Airport. The same campaign will last for an additional month following the exhibition hoping to attract more clients willing to invest in the project.”
Al-Saqa'bi added: "Mazaya gave special attention to the "Queue Point" project which offers 52 residential units dedicated to middle class accommodations. The project consists of 100 apartments of varied sizes offered in very competitive prices starting from KD 49 thousand along with a free kitchen supplied to the unit; 20% coupon value offered by Options Furniture along with excellent facility finance up to 75% based on easy installments.

He proceeded to provide a brief of the unique investment profile Mazaya has in different countries regionally - mainly in Kuwait and the UAE serving residential, office and commercial areas. Al-Saqa'bi also introduced the "Mazaya Logistics" project which will lease stores in Bahrain and offers unique storage solutions.

"Queue Point" project received special attention from the visitors to the exhibition, 80% of projects were promoted - building on previous campaigns launched in UAE. The final stage of the project will be similarly promoted very soon.

Queue Point Project is constructed on 13 million square feet offering one, two or three - bedroom apartments of 55 - 80 m² for one-bedroom apartments, 100 - 135 m² for two - bedroom apartments, while the area of the three-bedroom apartments is over 148 m². 

Al-Saqa'bi concluded by stressing the faith he holds in the Kuwaiti real-estate market and pointing to the coming projects Mazaya will soon offer Kuwait and other strategic markets of the region.

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