Al Mazaya Real Estate launches 3 projects in Dubai, Muscat & Istanbul at ‘Mazaya May Fair’ from 11th to 18th May

Under the slogan “Own & Travel with us”
Eng. Malhas: “Mazaya May Fair represents quantum leap in real estate projects offering or the public”

• Residential apartments in one of the most beautiful sites in Istanbul with prices starting at KD 31,000.
• Residential apartments at the heart of Muscat, the "Pearl of the Arabian Sea" with prices starting at KD 33,600.
• Residential apartments in Dubai Land "Land of Dreams" with prices starting at KD 55,900.

Al Mazaya Holding Company prepares to launch “Mazaya May Fair" in Kuwait during the period from 11th until 18th May 2015, celebrated as one of Al Mazaya’s innovative marketing initiatives within the company's marketing strategy for this year - the fair is an opportunity to launch and promote projects in Dubai, Muscat and Istanbul.

Al Mazaya has organized and established the fair in its multipurpose hall in the company headquarters at Al Mazaya Towers, Al Mirqaab (Al Mazaya Tower 1); one of the modern architectural landmarks in Kuwait City. The fair will include in the first day a press conference to launch projects and the marketing campaign in the presence of the press and mass media, from Kuwait and abroad.

During the press conference, Al Mazaya will announce the launch of three projects: Q-Line Residential Project in Dubai, Mazaya Residence in Oman and Ritim Istanbul Project in Turkey. Al Mazaya will provide distinctive offers and competitive prices on all housing units in its various projects under this launch, with a ticket and accommodation in the country of the project for everyone who buys a residential unit in these projects.

Eng. Salwa Malhas, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer at Al Mazaya Holding Company said that Al Mazaya managed to attract the attention of investors in Kuwait in particular and also the Gulf region and the Middle East in general through its real estate activities represented by the launch of intensive marketing and promotional campaigns through which it achieved high sales of its projects.

She added that at the beginning of the year 2015 the company performed spectacular rounds for its projects in a number of the region’s countries. The rounds started by introducing "Ritim Istanbul" Project in Turkey, in partnership with the Turkish Dumankaya Company, through a crowded press conference and a great marketing campaign whereby Dumankaya sold many of the housing units in Turkey.

She added further that the company organized a press conference last April, with a an intensive marketing campaign for the Dubai Market, so as to present Queue Point and Q-Line Projects in Dubai. The conference brought about significant positive results at the level of marketing the housing units in both projects. Today we prepare ourselves to launch Mazaya May Fair - which will be a quantum leap to offer real estate projects and market them to the public. Al Mazaya will make a special "platform" for each project at its headquarters in Al Mazaya Towers and inspire the design of the platform from the country in which the project is located, in terms of overall look, costume of the work team, soundtracks and even meals, in order to mirror the true picture of the project and the environment for it.

Commenting on "Ritim Istanbul" Project, Malhas said that the company will sell residential units with prices starting from KD 31,000, including studio space in one of the most beautiful projects in the heart of Istanbul, on the Asian side which overlooks the charming Princesses Islands - noting that the project consists of different spaces with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, in addition to offices and shops in the middle of an integrated full-service housing and commercial complex.


As for Mazaya Residence project in Muscat – the pearl of the Arabian Sea in Oman, she said that the project consists of 150 apartments which are intended to be sold with prices starting at KD 33,600, amidst a full-service stunning natural environment. The project is located in one of the most vibrant locations in Muscat in the state of Al Seeb and behind the biggest shopping mall in the city: City Center Complex, a great attraction in the heart of Muscat’s’ capital.

As for Q-Line Project, it is a project by the company to complement Queue Point Project of Housing in the Emirate of Dubai in Dubai Land. The company has recently developed 3131 housing units in the project, with a completion percentage of 75% and marketing percentage of 80%. The company plans to sell the remaining units in the Mazaya May Fair fair, with a strong belief in the great demand of the state of Kuwait for residential units in the Emirate of Dubai due to its attraction elements at the level of tourism and investment.

Eng. Salwa concluded that the fair will last for 10 days and the company has intensified its human and professional efforts to secure the wants and needs of visitors. Mazaya fair coincides with a huge marketing campaign that includes commercial ads and advertisements at the airport, e-mails and all the means of social media, in order to convey the company’s message to different customer segments.

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